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Solid Brass Insignia plaques for Brass-Era Cars

How many times have you answered the age old question "what is it"?

Now you can display the make/model and year discreetly with class.
Don't put a plastic or pot metal license plate frame on your classic beauty, these elegant year/make insignias are of the highest quality, made of 3/16" thick solid brass. Each one is custom made for your brass-era car. 1-1/2" high & 7-1/2" to 12" long depending on the legend. Front surface is buffed to a high luster. Polished brass oval head screws included.

Buick Insignia


The model below has slots for leather belts to suspend it on cars that are from the "pre-license plate" years.

Hupp Insignia
Hupp Insignia Hupp Insignia



EMF Insignia
EMF Insignia

CARS is a custom Brass Era automobile part manufacturer.
Now available at $168 (7.5"), $212 (12") and $235 (curved 12").

We pay all shipping charges within the continental U.S.
Sales tax applies to California residents.

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