SolidBrass Side Mount Spare Tire Mirrors

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These mirrors are beautiful reproductions of an original brass-era auto accessary sold from about 1900 to 1916.

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- They stand a little over 7" high.
- They are all brass with heavy cast bases.
- The mirror glass is beveled.
- The mirror portion is gimbaled and the vertical arm can be adjusted for left or right hand mount.
- Sold with or without leather mounting straps and buckles.

ST Mirror  ST Mirror

Mirror assembly only .... $285
With two leather straps and brass buckles .... $325

Intended for the finest brass era cars, these beautiful high quality mirrors have integral spring loaded gimbals to provide the functionality of modern rear view mirrors. The brass components are precision machined and buffed to a high luster. The center mount clamps to the round tube windshield frame without gouging or scarring like so many do. This mirror is designed to tuck in close to the windshield to minimize vibration.



Windshield Mount Mirror .... $265

These side mount mirrors mount at the center pivot of the windshield so it may be up or folded down and the mirror is still functional. It threads on to the existion windshield hinge screw.


Type-1 Side Mount Mirror .... $160

Type-2 (not shown)Clamp on mirror $235


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