1911 Carter 

Photo courtesy of Wm. (Bill) Mitchell Jr.


  1914 Cartercar 
Model 7
 3.2 liter side valve engine
 5 passenger touring

Photo courtesy of Ruud de Pater


  1915 Carter  
Touring Car
Attached is a photo of my Grandpa (L. P."Curly" Myers) at age 7 and his dad (Hugh) with their new 1915 Cartercar. Grandpa tells the story that a man came to town to sell them and a man with a Stanley did not believe the friction drive of the Carter would be any good. So he tells the salesman if the Carter can pull his Stanley 20 feet he'll buy it. According to Grandpa, the Carter pulled it 40 ft. Greatgrandpa was apparently so impressed he stepped right up and asked to buy a Carter. It was his second car.

Photo courtesy of David Myers


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