For your amusement...

These are some of the (non-Brass Era) "Motor Toys" that we enjoy.

1922 Ford T

CARS owner Wayne Simoni

Behind the wheel


The 1922 Oldsmobile

Model 43 A

5 Passenger Touring

  (Beautiful original Leather)  

1930 Ford Deluxe

Model A Roadster

On the bridge to "Shangrila"
outside Downeyville, CA

(We drive this car everywhere)


enjoying the Sunny day

 1925 Dodge Brothers Phaeton


Completely original and Purrs

(Enjoy Stu)

1957 Electric

Go Cart

Your host in my first "Ride"
Built by my father Virgil

(It would top out at about 30MPH
but got there in a couple seconds...
Big torque)

     Trees' 1986 Harley SoftTail     

at Arches National Park

    Troy, in his stock    

1962 Corvette Convertible

    Our friends, Jeff & Sue,

playing with their     

  1931 Chrysler CD8 Roadster  

    Jim Flint's 31 Buick Roadster     

  31 Chrysler in backround  

    HCCA Tour    

  with Kim & 1912 EMF  

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