Policy, procedure and fees.

All information pertaining to these parts or vehicles, whether pictorially, written or implied, is the sole responsibility of the item's owner. The Owner/Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item.

We will list your item on or about the first of the month following receipt of information.
We will maintain the listing for at least 1 month, or until sold.
CARS will host the complete description, up to 200 characters.
If a photo is desired it will be sized to a pixel width of 200. (fee applies)
The vehicle/item's owner is solely responsible for all information in the listing.
Potential buyer's will contact you directly for the info you provide.

The buyer and seller must work out all aspects of the sale including payment and vehicle transportation.
We are a Brass-era site and will list parts or vehicles 1915 and older only.

The parts and vehicles listed on this page are for sale "By Owner".
1- Your ad must be 200 characters max.
2- Information about your vehicle including description, asking price, (and photos if desired).
3- Supply your contact information, with at least your first name. You may include email, address and/or phone number. (address if you wish).
5- Send your ad to Quotes@brassauto.com
4- Must be submitted 5 days prior to the first of each month. The ads will be updated each month when re submitted and will again be free.
* Photo ads to be pre-paid at $5.00. (We haven't sufficient staff for billing)
* Businesses to be pre-paid at $50.00.

* The listing fee is payable to CARS at time of listing.
* No other fees will apply