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We are Classic Autopart Reproduction Service - CARS. Located in Northern California, our company specializes in manufacturing top quality parts and accessories for antique brass-era automobiles. We specialize in brass and bronze antique car parts, but also reproduce and/or restore all parts for Horseless Carriage Automobiles.

CARS will design and manufacture "custom" brass items to your specifications. We are not just a lantern shop, machine shop or foundry, we are experienced Brass Era automobile craftsmen and enthusiasts.

CARS will meticulously rebuild or recreate virtually any brass item found on automobiles manufactured between 1890 - 1915. Although we specialize in brass, we will also make bronze, aluminum, steel and stainless parts for pre-16 cars, so those rare bronze bushings and aluminum door handles can also be reproduced. With the exception of "generic" after market items, all new parts are manufactured per customer order.

Please visit our Brass-Era Photo pages. The photos are a reference for collectors and restorers. If you have a brass-era car we would appreciate a photo of your car or distinctive parts for everyone to enjoy.

Here are a FEW examples of parts we have made.

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